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Can the IPL become India’s Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl 🏈 stats are in! And here are some interesting data points that blew our minds away… Read More

Not your typical Football World Cup now, is it?

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup ⚽ brings with it the minute-long “GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL” announcer celebrations, outstanding athletic achievements… Read More

Is Premier League the most powerful league in the world?

Premier League clubs spent a record £815mn during the 2023 January Transfer Window… Read More

Paid reviews can soon become ‘Pain’ reviews for the reviewer

In response to growing consumer outrage, India will tighten regulations to weed out bogus or paid reviews… Read More

Reliance bets big on the Women’s IPL

Viacom18 Media Private Limited bets and I mean it like a figure of speech and not literally some 900 odd crores on Women’s IPL…. Read More

Financial Fair Play - Or not so Fair Play

It is that time, aka transfer window time in the footballing universe when a certain term called Financial Fair Play gets thrown around a lot….
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ESPN to dominate the streaming of live sporting events

Navigating the realm of streaming sports can be akin to solving a complex puzzle, with blackout zones and game-specific rights packages….
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How does Sports Marketing help build & scale brands?

Sports marketing has become an indispensable part of the contemporary corporate world, with businesses utilizing a variety of techniques to boost their brand visibility…. Read More